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Afghanistan Country Team

Operations Management Team & Task Forces
Chair (1) Shahnaz Sanami
OMT Chairperson
Members (53) Abdelazim Abdalla
WHO abdallaa@afg.emro.who.int
Abdul Rahman Azizi
UNDP abdulrahman.azizi@undp.org
Ahmad Shah Sediqi
UNDP ahmadshah.sediqi@undp.org
Ali Omar Hussain
UNICEF aohussein@unicef.org
Amanullah Kabiri
FAO Amanullah.Kabiri@fao.org
Anne Falher
UNRCO falher@un.org
Aung San Lin
UNDP aung.san.lin@undp.org
Ayoub Mebrahtu
FAO ayoub.mebrahtu@unhabitat-afg.org
Belinda Bowling
UNDP belinda.bowling@unep.ch
Bhasker Mahajam
UNIFEM bhasker@unmaca.org
Bismillah Momand
FAO Bismillah.Momand@fao.org
Camila Teixeira
UNRCO teixeirac@un.org
Carlos Haddad
UNAMA carlos.haddad@undp.org
Choekey Gyeltshen
UNEP c.gyeltshen@unesco.org
Christa Luhe
WFP Christa.Luhe@wfp.org
Dominic Millioni
UNHCR dmillioni@unicef.org
Douglas Hageman
UNDP douglas.hageman@undp.org
Elisabeth Bayer
UNMACA elisabeth.bayer@unodc.org
Esin Gulu
UNFPA gullu@unhcr.org
Gholam Ali Sharifi
UNHCR sharifi@unhcr.org
Ghulam Sanayee
UNHABITAT ghulam.sanayee@unhabitat-afg.org
Gulnara Ponomareva
UNOPS GulnaraP@unops.org
Hilda Otieno
UNAMA otienoh@un.org
World Bank hriddell@worldbank.org
Justin R.Mandizha
WFP justin.mandizha@wfp.org
Khalid Azim
UNEP khalid.azim@unep.ch
Kiisa Tombere
UNOPS kiisat@unops.org
Kirk Bayabos
UNODC kirkeb@unops.org
Krishnaveny Raju
UNDP krishnaveny.raju@undp.org
Mariam Hamdard
UNESCO mariam.hamdard@undp.org
Mariam Sherman
World Bank msherman@worldbank.org
Martin Bentz
UNAMA bentz@un.org
Milada Colic
ILO mcolic@iom.int
Miriam Ooi
UNMACA miriam@unmaca.org
Ms. Lubna Alaman
WFP lubna.alaman@wfp.org
Muhammad Turab
UNDP muhammad.turab@undp.org
Naseer Ahmad Adeeb
FAO NaseerAhmad.Adeeb@fao.org
Nazia Noor
UNIFEM nazia.noor@unifem.org
Neva Donald
UNAMA donalds@un.org
Nino Gabunia
UNHCR gabunia@unhcr.org
UNODC qaribullah@unodc.org
Ram Gopal Parajuli
UNHABITAT ram.ilokabul@undp.org
Ricardo A. Luna - Chanove
FAO Ricardo.Luna@fao.org
Salem Karimzada
UNHABITAT salem.karimzada@unhabitat-afg.org
Samuel Falsis
IOM sfalsis@iom.int
Samuel Mamdouh
WHO samuelm@afg.emro.who.int
Santi Parnitudom
UNAMA parnitudom@un.org
Shahnaz Sanami
UNICEF ssanami@unicef.org
Shakilla Abduhussein
WFP Shakilla.abdulhussein@wfp.org
Suresh Shrestha
UNESCO sushrestha@unfpa.org
Wenny Kusuam
UNICEF wenny.kusuma@unifem.org
Zmarak Noori
WFP Zmarak.noori@wfp.org
Zubair Ezzat
UNDP zubair.ezzat@undp.org

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