United Nations Development Group Delivering Together for Development


The MDG Network was initiated in 2002 as follow-up to the World Summit and the signing of the Millennium Declaration. MDGNet is a virtual network supporting a global dialogue for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Its membership consists of representatives of UN agencies and other development partners in civil society, governments, academia and the private sector. MDGNet provides a platform for practitioners to exchange information and experience about issues such as MDG acceleration, programmatic design and implementation of policies and strategies, monitoring and reporting of MDG progress and others.

To join the Network, please write to mdg-net@groups.undp.org.
For any other MDG Net questions please contact Ms. Kayla Keenan, MDG Network Facilitator mdg@undg.org.

Services and Products by MDGNet

MDGNet provides 'virtual' support to network members related to issues of MDG implementation and facilitates exchange of experiences and practices from across UNDG agencies, funds and programmes and network membership. The services provided includes:

  • Queries by network members submitting specific requests for information sharing and comparative experiences in countries and regions from other network members on the topic
  • Consolidated Replies, which are concise documents summarizing query responses from network members
  • E-Discussions are a 'virtual' policy forum encouraging practitioners to engage in in-depth discussion around a variety of substantive issues
  • MDGNet News Updates provide information on recent MDG related news, resources and events
  • Useful resource links and access to MDG Country Reports