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DevInfo is a database system designed to collate, disseminate and present human development data. The system helps to organize, store and display data in a uniform format, facilitating data-sharing across countries, regions, UN agencies and government departments. Data are organized by indicators, time periods, geographic areas and sources, and are accompanied by extensive metadata compliant with international standards.

The system has been developed under UN partnership and is distributed royalty-free to all end users. DevInfo is endorsed by the UN Development Group for use by Member States in tracking human development. Its simple, user-friendly features can be used to produce tables, graphs and maps for inclusion in reports, presentations and advocacy materials.  In addition, the tool is fully customizable, enabling national governments and other users to create country-specific adaptations.

As an integrated desktop and web-enabled tool, DevInfo assists countries in their strategic planning by:

  • playing a key role in harmonized frameworks for monitoring the UNDAF, PRS, MDGs and other national priorities;
  • helping determine and monitor national development priorities and guide programming activities; and
  • contributing to informing UNCTs and partners about the human development situation and guiding them in making strategic decisions.

In addition to regular DevInfo training workshops conducted across the globe, DevInfo is also increasingly part of activities to build capacity at the country level in monitoring and evaluation, statistical literacy and information management.

The latest version, DevInfo 6.0, has evolved from a decade of innovations in database systems that support informed, evidence-based decision-making and that promote the democratization of information and the use of data to advocate for human development. This new version builds on the experience and insights of thousands of DevInfo users around the world.

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  • DevInfo website - Located at www.devinfo.org, the site contains links to a wealth of information, including inspiring stories on DevInfo use, lists of current DevInfo adaptations worldwide, and the updated global training schedule.
  • DevInfo software - Download the latest version of the DevInfo User Interface software used to search for and display data, or the DevInfo Database Administration software used to create databases.
  • DevInfo Online - Development workers, researchers and other decision-makers looking for the latest human development data can visit DevInfo Onlineto browse through numerous global, regional and country databases containing rich data repositories.
  • DevInfo e-learning - Visit the DevInfo e-learning courses which provide step-by-step explanations of the main features of the DevInfo software. The courses are divided into four categories: Orientation, User, Database Administration, and Application and Use.
  • Country factsheets - To view the latest information on the status of DevInfo use and implementation in any country, visit the di Wiki site and enter the country name in the search box.
  • DevInfo in Action - The weekly DevInfo in Action stories are intended to highlight usage of DevInfo around the globe, where it has made a difference. These snippets are intended to inspire, challenge and encourage readers to consider fresh ways to use DevInfo to further human development.
  • Technical support - For questions on technical support, please contact the DevInfo HelpDesk at support@devinfo.info.

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