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Action 2 / Human Rights
In his second reform report, the UN Secretary General reiterated that the promotion and protection of human rights constitutes "a bedrock requirement for the realization of the Charter's vision of a just and peaceful world".

The Secretary General's reform agenda in the area of Human Rights ("Action 2") therefore puts a strong emphasis on UN support to country-level efforts of Member States in establishing and strengthening national human rights promotion and protection systems.

In response to the Secretary General's call for joint action in humanitarian and development operations, UNDG, ECHA and OHCHR jointly developed a Plan of Action and a corresponding interagency workplan (see documents list below).

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UN support to HR education in school systems
Human Rights Day 2006: Fighting Poverty
UNCTs supported by A2 Global Programme in 2005
Human Rights Policy Network (HURITALK)
Launch of Action 2 Global Programme (27 Oct 2004)
Common Learning Package on HRBA
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Brochure on Action 2
October 2004
Action 2 Interagency Plan of Action - Strengthening human rights-related UN action at country level
September 2003
This Plan of Action was adopted by UNDG, ECHA and OHCHR in 2003 pursuant to the Secretary-General’s report Strengthening of the United Nations: an agenda for further change. Its main goal is to develop the capacity of UN humanitarian and development operations to strengthen national human rights promotion and protection systems consistent with international norms and principles.
Action 2 Global Programme Document
October 2004
Concept Paper on National Protection System
May 2005
Guidance note for UNCTs on treaty bodies and special procedures
May 2005
The note provides an overview of human rights monitoring mechanisms and the added value for the work of UNCTs. It identifies entry points for UNCTs to participate in and benefit from the functioning of these mechanisms, and provides answers to FAQs on their work.
Web-based guide on How to Engage with the International Human Rights Machinery
by: HuriTalk, Oslo Governance Centre
May 2008
The Guide - written primarily for the non-expert on human rights - provides guidance on how to strengthen engagement with the international human rights machinery, specifically with UN Treaty Bodies and UN Special Procedures. It is based on the views and experience of development practitioners and includes case studies from their work around the world.
Guidance note on human rights theme group
May 2005
The note is intended to provide guidance to UNCTs in establishing human rights theme groups or other appropriate mechanisms and in planning and implementing activities.
Common understanding of a rights-based approach
June 2003
UNCTs working together on Human Rights
October 2004
Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
2nd Workshop on Human Rights, Final Report
Human rights review of selected CCA/UNDAF and RC reports
April 2003
UN Treaty Collection and Focus 2004
Interagency Workplan on Action 2
18 May 2004
Information Note on Action 2 (Strengthening Human Rights)
2 September 2004
Info note presented to ECHA in Aug 2004
2006 Annual Report of the Action 2 Global Programme
by: Action 2 Interagency Task Force
30 April 2007
This annual report highlights progress and achievements of the Action 2 Global Programme in "Delivering as One on Human Rights" in 2006.