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United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF)

The UNDAF is the strategic programme framework for the UNCT. It describes the collective response of the UNCT to the priorities in the national development framework - priorities that may have been influenced by the UNCT’s analytical contribution. Its high level expected results are called UNDAF outcomes. These show where the UNCT can bring its unique comparative advantages to bear in advocacy, capacity development, policy advise and programming for the achievement of MD/MDG related national priorities.

While specialised agencies and non-resident agencies do not use the harmonised programme cycle of the UNDG Executive Committee agencies, this should not be an impediment to their full engagement in the UNDAF. Their expected programme or project activities, technical assistance and budget contributions should be linked, where they are part of the UN’s comparative advantage, to the UNDAF results matrix.

Policy and Guidance

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UNDAF Annual Review Process and Annual Review Reporting -- Good Practice Study
September 2009
Mapping Exercise and Analysis of Agency Annual Report Requirements
June 2009
Introduction letter 2009 CCA/UNDAF Guidelines
by: Kemal Dervis
19 February 2009
Letter from Kemal Dervis as UNDG Chair introducing 2009 CCA/UNDAF Guidelines
2009 CCA/UNDAF Guidelines
by: UNDG
February 2009
Updated version of the 2007 CCA/UNDAF guidelines approved by UNDG on 29 January 2009 and disseminated to UNCTs in February 2009.
UNDAF Guidance and Support Package (English)
UNDAF Guidance and UNDAF Roll-Out Support Presentation
by: DOCO
January 2010
Describes the UNDAF guidance package and support available for UN Country Teams.
UNDAF Evaluation Guidelines Terms of References
1 July 2005
UNDAF Annual Review Guidelines
April 2005
UNDAF Annual Review Guidelines
Tools and Training

Issues Note: Results Based Management in UNDAFs
by: Task Team 1 of Working Group of Programming Policy
October 2007
This note draws mainly on the 2006 ODI desk review as well as the review of various recent UNDAFs by members of the TT 1. It is meant as a platform to work towards a shared understanding, highlighting the key issues of concern from a policy angle. This note should be seen as a ‘living document’ to be regularly updated through feedback. Therefore, please kindly provide your comments through the Coordination Practice Network or other channels. Using real life examples from existing UNDAFs the paper discusses the key RBM issues identified as: 1. UNCT accountability at output level 2. Contribution to national priorities 3. Internal logic of the results chain 4. M & E Plans: Quality of indicators 5. Analysis of risks and assumptions 6. Addressing cross cutting issues
Examples and Experiences
Other Resource Material

Review of the Role and Quality of UNDAFs
May 2006
UNDAF Roll-Outs

UNDAF Roll Outs 2009 - List
15 March 2009

CCA-UNDAF Guidelines
October 2003
Old CCA-UNDAF Guidelines 2003