United Nations Development Group Delivering Together for Development
UN Reform and Coherence

The United Nations Development Group (UNDG) is an instrument for UN reform, created by the Secretary General in 1997, to improve the effectiveness of UN development operations at the country level. The UNDG brings together the operational agencies working on development. The Group is chaired by the Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on behalf of the Secretary General.

The most recent information on reform of the UN development system can be found on the System-wide Coherence and Delivering as One pages.

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General Assembly Resolution - Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review (QCPR)
December 2012
Reform at the United Nations
Website collecting reference reports and materials
UN Coherence progress overview brochure
January 2009
The UN Development Group: Promoting UN coherence,effectiveness and relevance: an overview of progress since 1997.
Building a Stronger UN for a Better World: The Secretary-General’s Vision
by: Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
September 2008
A wallet-sized booklet outlining the Secretary-General’s vision for the UN during his tenure.
2005 World Summit Outcome Documents
October 2005
A/RES/60/1 - 2005 World Summit Outcome A/60/430 - Implementation of decisions from the 2005 World Summit Outcome for action by the Secretary-General - Report of the Secretary-General A/60/355 - Programme budget implications of draft resolution A/60/L.1
UNDG Statement of Purpose (2008)
June 2008
UNDG Statement at the High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness: Harmonization, Alignment & Results
by: UNDG
2 March 2005
Statement of the United Nations Development Group at the Paris High-Level Forum.
Some Measures to Improve Overall Performance of the United Nations System at the Country Level
by: Doris Bertrand
This Joint Inspection Unit report provides a short history of UN system reform and offers a series of recommendations for further progress. (JIU/REP/2005/2)
Report of the Secretary-General:TCPR Conclusions & Recommendations
21 September 2004
SG's Response to the Report of the Panel of Eminent Persons on UN-Civil Society Relations
13 September 2004
ECOSOC Dialogue with Executive Heads of Funds and Programmes
8 July 2004
ECOSOC Dialougue with Executive Heads of Funds and Programmes on Key Development Policy Issues and Panel Discussion on the Role and Effectiveness of UN Operational Activity at the Country Level, 8 July 2004
Action 2 Interagency Plan of Action - Strengthening human rights-related UN action at country level
September 2003
This Plan of Action was adopted by UNDG, ECHA and OHCHR in 2003 pursuant to the Secretary-General’s report Strengthening of the United Nations: an agenda for further change. Its main goal is to develop the capacity of UN humanitarian and development operations to strengthen national human rights promotion and protection systems consistent with international norms and principles.
Secretary General's Report to ECOSOC on Development Cooperations (TCPR)
May 2004
Status of Implementation of Actions in SG's Report, final
September 2003
Strenghthening the Effectiveness of the UN Presence in Developing Countries
Status of implementation of actions (Section VII)
September 2003
Strengthening of the UN: An agenda for further change
9 September 2002
Strengthening of the UN: An agenda ... (Exec. Summary)
9 September 2002
Strengthening of the UN: An agenda ... (Section IV: Working better together)
9 September 2002
SG's Report on a Review of Technical Cooperation in the UN (READ: Part 1, pg. 1-28)
September 2003
Fifty-eighth session Agenda item 59 Strengthening of the United Nations system A Review of Technical Cooperation in the United Nations Report of the Secretary-General Summary
Secretary General's Report to GA on Development Cooperation (TCPR 2001)
23 August 2001
Testimony about the US GAO Report
10 May 2000
US GAO Report on Reform
May 2000
United Nations Reform Overview
27 April 1998
Renewing the United Nations: A Programme for Reform - Resolution 52/12
by: UN General Assembly
12 November 1997
Renewing the United Nations: A Programme for Reform (A51/950)
by: Report of the Secretary General
14 July 1997
The report comprises two parts. Part one contains an introduction, together with a thematic overview of the main reform elements. It highlights the new leadership and management structure the Secretary-General is instituting and summarizes the key sectoral measures he is taking and proposing to Member States. Part two includes a more detailed discussion of the entire set of reform measures, as well as fuller explanations and specific actions and recommendations.