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Guidelines and Guidance Notes


2009 CCA/UNDAF Guidelines
by: UNDG
February 2009
Updated version of the 2007 CCA/UNDAF guidelines approved by UNDG on 29 January 2009 and disseminated to UNCTs in February 2009.

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2nd PRSP Guidance Note
December 2003
1st UNDG Guidance Note to UNCTs on the PRSPs
November 2001
This Guidance Note describes how UN Country Teams can support national Poverty Reduction Strategies, including Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSP) in those countries where governments have accepted to undertake PRSPs, and the relationship between CCA, UNDAF and PRSP. It has been prepared by UNDG because its members agree that the PRSP represents an important opportunity for the UN at country level to support the poverty reduction efforts of programme countries, and because Country Teams and governments have asked for clarification with regard to the different instruments.
November 2001
Joint Programming

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UNDG Position Statement on Capacity Development
The paper articulates the common UNDG policy and offers practitioners a tool for integrating capacity development into programming activities.
Finalized Guidance Note on Joint Programming (complete)
19 December 2003
Finalized Guidance Note on Joint Programming (main text only)
Annex D: Standard Joint Programme Document
Joint Programmes and Projects
June 2000
Joint Programmes and Projects - letter
August 2000
Resident Coordinator System

Management and Accountability System for the UN development system and Resident Coordinator System
August 2008
Agreed by the UN Development Group on 27 August 2008, this document provides a clear framework in which both accountability and management can be exercised effectively by the different actors and levels of the UN development and Resident Coordinator System.

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UNDG Guidance Note for MDG Reports
October 2003
This guidance note highlights the main issues that are likely to arise when preparing a country-level MDG report. It replaces the first one from October 2001 and incorporates many of the findings of the assessment of existing MDGRs taken by UNDP's Evaluation Office in 2003.
MDGRs (First Guidance Note - 2001)
October 2001
This guidance note has been superseded by the 2003 MDGR guidance.
MDGs - letter
November 2001

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UNDG Inter-Agency Mobility Programme
Guidance Note on Harmonization/Coordination of Remuneration and DSA Rates for NPP
14 February 2001
UNDG Joint Guidance Note on Employment of Expatriate Spouses
16 July 2004

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Guidance on Developing UN Implementation Support Plans for country responses to HIV/AIDS
November 2004
Operationalizing a Strengthened UN System Response to HIV/AIDS at Country Level
19 November 2003
Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
February 2002
August 2001
HIV/AIDS - letter
August 2001
Other Guidelines

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UNDG Guidance Note on Including the rights of persons with disabilities in UN programming at country level
If you would like a copy print version, please send an email to: enable@un.org.
UNDG Guidance Note on Durable Solutions for Displaced Persons
by: UNDG
October 2004
QS&A Good Practices & Lessons Learned
Human Rights Workshop (Stamford), Final Report
17 June 2003