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MDG Acceleration Framework

The MDG Acceleration Framework helps to accelerate progress at the country level on those MDGs currently seen as unlikely to be reached by 2015. It can be adapted to different country circumstances and complements existing government planning processes, while also improving the mobilization coordination of efforts and resources contributed by various partners. Countries can use this approach as one way to respond to the shared call to accelerate progress that was made at the MDG Summit in September 2010. The MDG Acceleration Framework (MAF) provides national stakeholders with a systematic approach to identify and analyze bottlenecks that are causing MDGs to veer off-track or to advance too slowly. It then aims to generate shared diagnostics and to recommend comprehensive,
collaborative and focused actions, based on prioritized ‘acceleration’ solutions.

It also helps governments to focus on disparities and inequalities, two of the major causes of uneven progress, by particularly responding to the needs of the vulnerable.

In the run up to the MDG Summit in September 2010, 10 countries (Belize, Colombia, Ghana, Jordan, Lao PDR, Papua New Guinea, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Togo and Uganda) began to pilot the MDG Acceleration Framework with the support of the UN system. The pilot experience has shown that when governments take the lead and have effective assistance from all partners, progress is possible.

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MDG Acceleration Framework
December 2011
(Final version, UNDG endorsed)
MDG Acceleration Framework Operational Note and its Annexes
October 2011
Endorsed by the UNDG August 2011
Country Reports

MDG Acceleration Framework Country Reports