United Nations Development Group Delivering Together for Development
UN Development Operations Coordination Office (DOCO)

The UN Development Operations Coordination Office (DOCO) promotes social and economic progress by helping UN organizations deliver coherent, effective and efficient support to countries. The Secretary-General created DOCO (formerly the Development Group Office) and the UN Development Group (UNDG) in 1997 to unite the UN system and improve the quality of its development assistance. Coordination leads to more strategic UN support for national plans and priorities, makes operations more efficient, reduces transaction costs for governments, and ultimately helps people attain the Millennium Development Goals and other internationally agreed development objectives.

What DOCO Does

Under the leadership of the UNDG Chair, and with the guidance of the UNDG, the overall objective of DOCO is to support the Strategic Priorities of the UNDG and related coordination goals, and to meet DOCO’s responsibilities under the UNDG Management and Accountability System in furtherance of the QCPR mandate.

DOCO performs three critical functions for the UNDG and the Resident Coordinator system:

(1)    Focused policy coordination and technical support to the global work of the UNDG. DOCO supports the UNDG in formulating, managing and implementing its Strategic Priorities and identifies opportunities to leverage and deepen UNDG leadership to drive the coherence agenda forward;

(2)    Support to the Regional UNDG Teams and Resident Coordinators and UN Country Teams. DOCO supports the Regional UNDG Teams in implementing the UNDG Strategic Priorities and the Management and Accountability System responsibilities, including advising on the ‘Delivering as One’ reform initiative,  business process reform, UNDAF development and enhancement, effective coordination in crisis and transition contexts, and overall guidance on how to make UN country programmes more efficient, effective and aligned with national priorities.

(3)    Knowledge management by gathering evidence and data as to what is happening in programme countries to feed into UNDG analytical work and decision-making. DOCO is mandated to systematically collect, analyze and communicate information, lessons learned and good practices regarding regional and country coordination to support the achievement of UNDG Strategic Priorities and Management and Accountability System objectives.

In addition, DOCO manages the UN Country Coordination Fund (UNCCF), which provides Resident Coordinators and UN Country Teams with resources to improve their capacity to coordinate.”