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There is virtually no aspect of our work that does not have a human rights dimension.
Whether we are talking about peace and security, development, humanitarian action, the struggle against terrorism, climate change, none of these challenges can be addressed in isolation from human rights.

Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations


The Right of the Child

In November 2009, in the framework of the implementation of the Secretary-General’s Policy Committee decision on human rights and development, the UNDG endorsed the establishment of the UNDG human rights mainstreaming mechanism (UNDG-HRM). The UNDG HRM aims to reinforce the accomplishments of the Action 2 programme and to further strengthen system-wide coherence, collaboration and support for Resident Coordinators and the UN country team on human rights mainstreaming.  It aims to strengthen coordinated UN responses to requests from Member States for support in their efforts to fulfill international human rights commitments.
UN Photo/John Isaac The Right of the Child - Young girls learning to sew at a Koranic school in Fayum. 01 January 1982 Fayum, Egypt

UNDG Human Right Mainstreaming Mechanism (UNDG-HRM) Draft Work Plan for 2013-2014
January 2013
Priorities of the UNDG-HRM
At its establishment, the UNDG agreed that the UNDG-HRM will initially focus on four broad priorities:
  1. Promoting a coordinated and coherent UN system-wide approach towards the integration of human rights principles and international standards into UN operational activities for development;
  2. Providing coherent and coordinated support to Resident Coordinators and UN country teams in mainstreaming human rights;
  3. Developing a coherent UN-system wide approach, through cooperation and collaboration among UN agencies, to providing support towards strengthening national human rights protection systems at the request of governments; and
  4. Contributing to the integration of human rights issues in the overall UNDG advocacy on development agenda and global issues

More Information on the UNDG-HRM and Related Tools and Guidelines
UNDG-HRM Documents

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UNDG-HRM Fact Sheet
Implementing Human Rights Post 2015
November 2014
UNDG-HRM Operational Plan 2011-2013
UNDG Proposal on Human Rights Mainstreaming
Mainstreaming Human Rights - Case Study Publication
September 2013
This case study publication offers concrete examples of how human rights have been mainstreamed in practice and the value that human rights mainstreaming brings to development.
Mainstreaming Human Rights - Case Study Publication - French
October 2013
Mainstreaming Human Rights - Case Study Publication - Spanish
October 2013
OHCHR Information Note for UN Resident Coordinators, UN Country Teams (UNCTs) and other UN entities
New OHCHR Information Note for UN Resident Coordinators, UN Country Teams (UNCTs) and other UN entities regarding the Universal Periodic Review, and related guidelines.
UNDG Human Rights Adviser Strategy
October 2012
Preguntas Frecuentes sobre el Enfoque de Derechos Humanos en la Cooperación para el Desarrollo
FAQ on Human Rights-based Approach to Development Cooperation