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HRBA Common Learning Package (CLP)

The common learning package (CLP) aims to strengthen the capacity of UN staff to apply a human rights based approach (HRBA) to UN common country programming.  The CLP is based on the 2003 UN Common Understanding on HRBA. It was developed in 2006 by the Action 2 Global Programme on human rights strengthening (the predecessor to the UNDG-Human Rights Mainstreaming Mechanism), in collaboration with the UN System Staff College. The CLP was further updated and enhanced in 2011 as one of the first activities of the UNDG-Human Rights Mainstreaming Mechanism.

The primary audience of the HRBA Common Learning Package is the UN Country Team with emphasis on the Resident Coordinator, Heads of Agencies and programme officers and technical level staff with responsibility for developing CCA/UNDAFs. National partners are also targeted as they have an essential role in translating UN programming into national programming.

HRBA is one of the 5 core UNDAF programming principles. Hence, the CLP aims to guide UN country teams (UNCT) in applying a HRBA to every stage of the UNDAF cycle: assessment & analysis, priority setting, planning, implementation and M&E.


In cooperation with the UN Development Operations Coordination Office and UN System Staff College, this package is being offered to all CCA/UNDAF roll-out country teams.

The HRBA training package consists of a facilitation guide and learning tools. The package is divided into 9 modules. Within the modules you will find a power point, hand outs, and, for some modules group exercises and case studies. The package is available in English, French and Spanish.

Learning and Training Materials

1.   English
2.   French
3.   Spanish

The CLP is also available in Arabic, however this is the 2006 version of the package.

Arabic Material- 2006