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2008 Stocktaking Reports

The eight Delivering as One pilot Governments and UN country teams conducted their second annual stocktaking exercise at the end of 2008. The highlights from those reports have also been collected in a Delivering as One 2008 Stocktaking Synthesis Report. Scroll down to download the synthesis and individual reports.

Progress in 2008
The pilots report that their Governments are exercising increased national leadership over UN programmes and taking a stronger role in steering UN agencies to support national development priorities. The pilot country teams also say they are better aligning their capacity to the needs of country programmes, and the use of One Fund is showing the potential to be an important country-level source of predictable funding. The synthesis report notes that nearly all pilots began implementing their One Programmes in 2008, with governments leading joint steering committees for the coordination and monitoring of programmes and operations. One Budgetary Framework and One Fund are having a noticeable impact on providing country-level resources to implement One Programmes, and each pilot country has developed performance-based allocation criteria for its One Fund, the pilots report.

Remaining Challenges
Despite positive progress, challenges remain. The pilots say there is an urgent need for further clarification on how “transaction costs” can be identified and measured. Virtually all of the pilots are asking to use a single reporting document for all agencies at the country level. They are also calling for UN organizations to accelerate the harmonization of business practices at the global level.  Pilot RCs in 2008 (left to right): Fikret Akcura (Pakistan), Aurelien Agbenonci (Rwanda), Pablo Mandeville (Uruguay), Gulden Turkoz-Cosslett (Albania), Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro, John Hendra (Viet Nam), Ndolamb Ngokwey (Mozambique), Petra Lantz de Bernis (Cape Verde), Oscar Fernandez-Taranco (Tanzania).



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Delivering as One 2008 Stocktaking Synthesis Report
July 2009
Letter from the Deputy Secretary-General to Pilot countries initiating the 2008 Stocktaking Exercise.
Country Stocktaking Reports

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Albania 2008 Stocktaking Report
Cape Verde 2008 Stocktaking Report
Mozambique 2008 Stocktaking Report
Pakistan 2008 Stocktaking Report
Rwanda 2008 Stocktaking Report
Tanzania 2008 Stocktaking Report
Uruguay 2008 Stocktaking Report
Viet Nam 2008 Stocktaking Report