United Nations Development Group Delivering Together for Development
The eight Delivering as One United Nations pilot countries concluded their first year of working together more coherently with a stocktaking exercise.

The stocktaking was done informally at the country level to assess progress, review emerging issues and identify lessons learned. Both the UN Country Teams and the national governments provided assessments, as did some UN agencies.

Realizing that it may be premature to have a full-fledged evaluation of the results of the “Delivering as One” pilots after less than a year since these became operational, the UNDG agreed to undertake an end-of-the-year informal stocktaking of key emerging issues, lessons learned and recommendations.

The objectives of this exercise were to ensure better awareness and understanding by member states and UN agencies of the impact of the pilots on national ownership and leadership, of the new programming and management arrangements being explored in the pilots and to provide input into guidance on the way forward. The results of the stocktaking exercise will also feed into the inter-governmental discussions on System-wide Coherence.

The stocktaking was not part of the formal evaluations of the pilot exercise that will be conducted by the UN Evaluation Group. While each pilot experience was different and clearly reflected the principle that no one size fits all, some general preliminary impressions are highlighted in the reports below.

Country Stocktaking Reports

Agency Assessments of the Pilots

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Delivering as One 2007 Stocktaking Summary
April 2008
Letter from UNDG Chair on 2007 Stocktaking in DaO Pilots
29 October 2007
End of 2007 stocktaking objectives process timing format
1 November 2007
Stocktaking Exercise Factual Table
by: prepared by DGO
26 February 2008
This matrix has been prepared by DGO as an input into inter-agency discussions on stocktaking reports. Information included in the matrix is statistical in nature and has been verified by the corresponding RC Offices.
Country Stocktaking Reports

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Albania Stocktaking
10 December 2007
Revised final version as of 28 December 2007
Cape Verde Stocktaking
November 2007
Malawi Stocktaking
April 2008
Mozambique Stocktaking
5 December 2007
Pakistan Stocktaking
December 2007
Papua New Guinea Stocktaking
Rwanda Stocktaking
3 December 2007
Tanzania Stocktaking
6 December 2007
Uruguay Stocktaking
11 December 2007
Viet Nam Stocktaking
18 December 2007
Agency Assessments

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NRAs Common Input to Stocktaking of Pilots
12 November 2007
UNIDO Progress for Delivering as One
December 2007
UNEP Progress report on Delivering as One
December 2007
WHO report on progress on Delivering as One pilots
14 May 2007
UNCTAD participation in the eight Delivering as One pilots
February 2008
Status Report on UNESCO's Involvement in UN Reform Processes
UNIFEM Progress Report on Delivering as One
February 2008
UNFPA Stocktaking of the Implementation of the UN “Delivering as One” Initiative
January 2008
UNFPA internal stocktaking report on the experience with the Delivering as One pilots. Report drawn up by UNFPA head quarters in New York, January 2008
Delivering as One 2007 Stocktaking: Input from Non-Resident Agencies
12 November 2007