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Crisis and Post Crisis Multi-Donor Trust Funds: Fiduciary Principles Accord (FPA)

As part of the efforts to strengthen the collaboration between the WB and the UN in crisis and post crisis situations, a number of UN agencies, funds and programmes - WHO, ILO, UNESCO, FAO, WFP, UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNHCR, UN-Habitat and UNOPS - and the World Bank have developed an instrument designed to facilitate the transfer of funds from a World Bank-administered trust fund for crisis and post-crisis situations to a UN organization, or from a UNDG trust fund for crisis and post-crisis situations to the World Bank.

This instrument, which allows the recipient of the money to apply all its own regulations, rules and procedures -- including those relating to procurement, audit, programme support cost, and the like -- when using these funds, includes: the Fiduciary Principles Accord (FPA); the Disbursement Agreement (DA), which is be used to transfer resources from a WB Trust Fund to UN agencies, funds and programmes; and the MOU that will be used to transfer resources from a UNDG Trust Fund to the World Bank.

In accordance with the provisions of the FPA, the instrument became effective on 04 December, 2008, with the receipt, by UNDOCO and the WB of the first signed copies from the WB, UNICEF and UNDP; the funding mechanisms provided for in the FPA are now available to all signatory organizations. 

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