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RC System Policies and Guidelines

Basic RC System Policies

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Management and Accountability System for the UN development system and Resident Coordinator System
August 2008
Agreed by the UN Development Group on 27 August 2008, this document provides a clear framework in which both accountability and management can be exercised effectively by the different actors and levels of the UN development and Resident Coordinator System.
Resident Coordinator System Mutual Accountability Framework
by: RC Issues Group
March 2006
Guidance Note on UN Country Team Conduct and Working Arrangements
February 2014
Dispute Resolution Mechanism for UNCTs
January 2009
RC Ad Interim Procedures
April 2013
Guidelines for RC selection and appointment - UNDG Approved
30 November 2009
The United Nations Development Group (UNDG) has identified Resident Coordinator talent management as a priority work area. This is in line with the Triennial Comprehensive Policy Review (2007) which called upon, “the Secretary-General to improve the transparency and competitiveness of the recruitment processes for senior high-level posts in the United Nations development system in order to find the best candidates both inside and outside the United Nations System.” It is in this context that this document provides information on the selection and appointment process for the Resident Coordinator (RC).
ACC Guidelines on the Functioning of the RC System
September 1999
ACC Guidelines on Administrative Mangement of the RC System
September 1998
Explanatory Note of the RC/HC/DO and UNCT Performance Appraisal Process for 2013
19 December 2013
RC Function and Responsibilities

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Resident Coordinator Job Desciption
February 2014
UNDG Guidance Note on Handover note and End of Assignment Report
May 2013
Note of Guidance on Integrated Missions: clarifying the role of the SRSG and the DSRSG/RC/HC
February 2006
Guidance Notes on Relations between SRSG, RCs and HCs
20 December 2000
DPI Terms of Reference for RCs as Directors of UNIC
January 2009
RC Competencies (Dec 2010)
November 2010
Guidelines for RC as UNFIP Focal Point
September 1997
RC Talent Management

Assessment Report on RC/HC/DO Talent Management and Implementation Plan
This comprehensive assessment focuses on the application, selection and appointment processes of RC/HC/DOs and, based on the key recommendations, includes an accompanying three-year Implementation Plan.
Other RC-related Documents

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Reflections Publication
February 2013
Based on interviews with current or former Resident Coordinators, seeking to draw on their experiences in leading in-country UN’s conflict prevention related activities.
Strengthening of the United Nations: an agenda for further change
A/57/387 dated 9 September 2002
The UN System and Human Rights: Guidelines and Information for the Resident Coordinator System
March 2000
This paper includes guidelines on: communications, statements and positions, visiting human rights missions, HR Treaties and support to member states, briefing and staff training, as well as, assistance available from the UN Human Rights Programme. Paper includes information on the Human Rights Programme, including definitions, examples, appropriate roles, monitoring, education, enforcement and CCAs and UNDAFs.
Inter-Agency Contingency Planning Guidelines for Humanitarian Assistance
by: Endorsed by the IASC Working Group
17 December 2007
The Guidelines aim to help agencies and organizations develop an over-arching framework for collective action in preparing for and responding to potential emergencies, including natural hazards.
Archived and Inactive Policy Documents

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Accountability Framework of the Resident Coordinator System
by: Resident Coordinator Issues Group
March 2006
Resident Coordinator a.i. arrangements
September 2005
Acting RC Arrangements
4 December 1998
Appointment of Designated Official ad interim
June 2008
Humanitarian Coordinator Terms of Reference (TOR)
by: IASC
December 2003
RC Selection Procedures
October 2000
RC Job Description
January 2009
RC Terms of Reference
January 2009
Guidance Note on RC and UNCT Working Relations
January 2009
UNDG & the RC
23 April 1998