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Gender Equality

Achieving gender equality and eliminating all forms of discrimination are at the heart of a HRBA. In achieving gender equality, gender mainstreaming is one of the key strategies of UN-supported analysis and strategic planning.

For a rights-based approach to be meaningful, the UNCT will partner with women’s groups and with advocates who can speak to all stakeholders about the different ways females and males experience, and can influence, the development agenda. Gender mainstreaming is one of the key principles of UN-supported analysis and strategic planning. Providing support for gender equality and eliminating discrimination against women is an important part of the human rights based approach.

The UN should help ensure that priorities in the national development framework reflect the country’s commitments to achieving gender equality within the internationally agreed development goals. The UN has a key role to play as a convener of women’s groups and gender equality advocates who can flag gender concerns and influence the development agenda. A gender equality resource guide has been prepared to help UN theme groups mainstream gender equality concerns and advocacy for the rights of women and girls into country analysis, the national development framework, and the UNDAF.

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Joint letter from Helen Clark and Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka on Beijing +20
April 2014
Tools and Training

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Gender Equality & Women's Empowerment in UNDAF
CCA UNDAF summary matrix for Gender Equality & Women Empowerment 2010; Strengthening Gender Equality in UNDAFs December 2010
Resource Guide Gender Theme Groups
UN System-wide Action Plan
July 2012
UN System-wide Action Plan for implementation of the CEB Policy on gender equality and the empowerment of women. Draft roll-out strategy July 2012-April 2013
Examples and Experiences

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Review of UNDG Members' Accountability Mechanisms for Gender Equality (Activity 1 of Action Plan)
by: UNDG Task Team on Gender Equality
28 April 2006
Review of accountability mechanisms for gender equality in UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, WFP and ILO
Synthesis Report 2008 - Gender equality
Gender Analysis and Gender Mainstreaming in Common Country Programming (Activity 2 of Action Plan)
by: UNDG Task Team on Gender Equality
6 May 2006
A review of the last generation of UNDAFs in order to recommend tools and coordination processes that will improve attention to and action on gender equality and women's human rights in the UNDAF cycle.
Scorecard Documents

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UNCT Performance Indicators for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment
by: UNDG
13 August 2008
This set of gender performance indicators will help UNCTs assess their performance on gender. The assessment can feed into review of the programme in order to enhance performance, or can f.i. be used as input to the development of a new UNDAF. The tools were developed by the UNDG Task Team on Gender Equality in response to the endorsement by the UNDG Principals (at their July 2006 session) to roll out a set of performance indicators on gender equality for UNCTs. The indicators are to assess support from the UNCT, not the action of individual agencies.
Armenia - Gender Scorecard Report
March 2009
Azerbaijan - Gender Scorecard Report
August 2009
UNCT Performance Indicators for Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment
Bhutan - Gender Scorecard Report
December 2009
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Gender Scorecard Report
March 2010
Cambodia - Gender Scorecard Report
December 2009
Cameroon - Gender Scorecard Report
November 2012
Cape Verde - UNCT Gender Scorecard
November 2010
Comoros - Gender Scorecard Report
July 2010
Ecuador - Gender Narrative Report
September 2010
Ecuador - UNCT Performance Indicators for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment
September 2010
Eritrea - Scorecard Report
Ethiopia - Gender Scorecard Report
India - Gender Scorecard Report
Indonesia - Gender Scorecard Report
June 2012
Jordan – Gender Scorecard Report
September 2012
Kenya - Gender Scorecard Report
May 2012
Macedonia - Gender Scorecard Report
June 2009
Malawi - Gender Scorecard Report
December 2009
Maldives - Gender Scorecard Report
April 2012
Mali - Performance Indicators and Gender Scorecard
November 2010
Mozambique - Gender Scorecard Narrative Report
22 December 2008
Nepal - Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Evaluation Report
Rwanda - Gender Scorecard Report
Serbia - Gender Scorecard Report
May 2009
Somalia - Gender Scorecard Report
January 2010
Venezuela - Gender Scorecard Report
April 2010
Viet Nam - Gender Scorecard Report
Zimbabwe - Gender Scorecard Report
November 2011